Hello Soha, Karen and I had a great experience, and we can’t thank you and your staff enough for making it one of the best times we’ve ever had. We loved the Sofitel hotel, its location, and our room’s view over the Melbourne Park. We had prime seats at all venues, and got to see our favorite players, as they all reached the quarters. Lucky us! And we had a terrific session with Andrew at Kooyong. We really enjoyed the beautiful facility, his training clinic, and playing with your other guests. Next year I’m not sure what our plan is, but if we decide to visit another Open venue, you’ll be the first we’ll reach out to. Thanks again for a most memorable experience. Sincerely, Mike
Mike, March 2017

“Hi Soha. Just dropping a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my stay in Melbourne through Travels with Soha. All aspects of the trip were great. The accommodation, the seats at the tennis matches and the city and wine tours were first rate. I really liked the wine tour. I was impressed with your knowledge of wine. I really enjoyed the two bottles of wine that I purchased on the tour along with a complimentary bottle from the Marriott. I assure you that I did not drink all three bottles at once. I will definitely consider a future vacation through your company. Keep me in mind for the French Open in 2015 and possibly a future Wimbledon after that. What a great men’s final at the Aussie Open! One of the best ever.”
Nick V, BC. Canada, February 2014

” The Australian Open was truly the most memorable Grand Slam trip ever. The amazing seats and every unique service you provided was fantastic and well beyond my expectations. ”
Janet Daly, San Francisco

“Just getting back to normal after some jet-lag following our return to Cleveland. I have been meaning to e-mail you and to thank you for designing an awesome Australian experience!!! I really had a great time and plan one day to return to Australia. My only regret was that I didn’t have more time to strike out on my own and explore Melbourne and Sydney more. I could go on and on, but the trip was all we hoped it would be! Thanks again for some GREAT seats at the Open. We were soooooo pleased!! Really enjoyed Andrew and his girlfriend, Louise. The tennis was great, and they were very nice and accommodating. Gave us a great workout!! Not sure what more you could have done for us. Our hotels were in great spots, and it was easy for us to get around. I loved that the Blackman had laundry facilities that we could use. Especially because we played so much tennis. The Shangri-La was a fantastic hotel, both in location and amenities, and especially in service! I fell in love with both cities!! You were such a gracious host as well. Thank you for your personal attention to details! I’m so glad we had time to spend together.You’re the best!”
Mark W., Cleveland Ohio, Feb 10, 2014

“Thanks as well Soha, we still can’t match this holiday with anything else we’ve done or visited. What an incredible part of the world. Thanks for setting it up…first class and I’m now spoiled for good. Take care of yourself and will keep in touch. Have a great summer.”
Elaine K., Canada, Feb 11, 2014

“Miranda and I just returned home. We want to thank-you for all your help! Clearly, this will be one of our most memorable vacations…We had a wonderful time in Melbourne and enjoyed all the drama of the Australian open. We look forward to planning with you a Y2015 French open trip.”
Jerry and Miranda, Boston MA., Feb 1, 2014

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for making my australian trip a great success. The seats were fabulous and hanging out with you girls were really nice. I really enjoyed the tennis at KooYong club and lunch as well. I will give your e-mail to all my friends and if they ever need to plan a tennis trip they will look you up. I am sure now you are busy planning your Paris grand slam. Good luck. I will be in touch. If you come this way to Houston please call me. Thanks.”
Romaine, Houston Texas, Feb 7, 2014

“Thanks for the wonderful job. Susan and I very much enjoyed meeting you. Everything you did was seamless. You are the BEST.”
John & Susan, Jan 26, 2015

We truly had a perfect vacation in Melbourne thanks to you, we enjoyed the city, the tennis, the amazing facility, the seats we were in and the hotel, Francine too, who laughed at Ivan’s jokes. The walking tour was special, and the art exhibit “Melbourne Now” luckily  showcasing the  Australian contemporary art I love, additional another layer of enjoyment.. When we decided to choose to do something new we certainly chose well, firstly by finding you and having friends and family in Sydney and Melbourne made it very personal too. The hotel was perfect, they went out of their way to accommodate us, even putting an internet booster in our room to help me get wi-fi, which we were finding difficult. We loved walking to the tennis and the city… and mostly having you there, welcoming us, suggesting restaurants etc… but not really having to be organized – as in a tour – suited us perfectly. We lucked out Big Time! We do expect a bill for the walking tour that we joined and thoroughly enjoyed, and we know now where to find tennis vacations in the future… I believe they will be for Wimbledon… Thanks again for everything Soha Ivan send his best, Lots of love Janet
Janet & Ivan, San Diego Feb 20, 2014

Soha, It was so nice meeting you and some of your other clients during the French Open. You were very helpful and full of information. Enjoyed hearing about your experiences at other events .I would like to be on your email correspondence list for future events. Patti’s goal is to make it to each Major. Two down and two to go. Hope all is well with you
Greg K, Chicago, June 14, 2014

“We had a blast on our trip. Loved our seats at Rod Laver and our tennis clinic sessions.” Ken C, Sacramento CA., Feb 6, 2014
Ken C, Sacramento, CA. Feb 06, 2014

Hello Soha! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for arranging such an extraordinary birthday trip. We had an absolute wonderful time. I tell you we lived the life of the rich and famous for nearly two weeks and are so very happy. Thank you again and we may sign up with you to go to Roland Garros in 2016. Fondly,Jamaine
Jamaine, Australian open 2015

Bonjour Soha, We thoroughly enjoyed Roland Garros and the walking tour with Jennifer.I agree that the group was great, and we enjoyed meeting everyone.The Bel Ami was also great. Hope you have a good rest of the summer, and we will always think of you as a great leader and organizer. Thanks for everything, Nancy
Nancy, Roland Garros 2015

Hi Soha, My wife, Michelle, and I have returned home safely and are back to our usual grind.  We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had and appreciate all of your efforts to put together such a wonderful trip for us.  We will not hesitate to travel with you again in the future! Best regards, Roy Foliate February 17, 2016
Roy & Michelle

Soha, Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip.  We fell in love with Australia and especially New Zealand.  We used a lot of your suggestions for restaurants and sights to see and they were spot-on.  I know you said you do the French Open.  If so, we will be contacting you again. Thank you!
Serena, February 12, 2016

“We had a wonderful time at the Australian Open and we thought the level of service you provided us was second to none. We were very comfortable in our hotel suite and we thoroughly enjoyed trying new eating experiences from your information package. Above all, we were delighted with our seating at the tennis matches and we thoroughly enjoyed the matches we saw on both Margaret Court and Rod Laver Arenas. We are very keen to come back to the Australian Open again next year and we would love to book through you again Thanks so much Soha for an unforgettable experience.”
Claire & Richard Clarke, January 2016

Soha, We had such a fabulous time. Loved loved loved Wimbledon.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime!  I really enjoyed our walking tour with Chris.  It was great fun for all of us.  I have been singing your praises to anyone that will listen! Thank you for arranging a wonderful trip for us.
Karen V, July 2016

Dear Soha, I wish I could have done this in person but the hour is too late. Thank you very much for helping me complete “my grandslam”. It was everything I expected and more. I had a chance to talk to a number of your clients and we all agreed .. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST. Take care and I wish you continued success. Until next time… Safe travels Henry😊 Sent from my iPhone
Henry H, January 20, 2017

Dear Soha, I just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing trip and for being a marvellous host. I had a fantastic time, saw some unbelievable tennis and met some wonderful people. I hope you are well and got home safely. Best Regards Joanne
Joanne Mc. Manchester UK. Feb, 2017

Dear Soha, Words cannot describe what a wonderful trip we enjoyed… thanks to you! Every detail excellent. The flights, hotels, tours, guides, seats at the tournament… outstanding! (The tennis was superb and the draw was legendary.) Thank you for all you did to provide us with a flawless experience. Your fans,
Sandy & Bob, Feb 2017

In the News

Inside Tennis

September 15, 2014

Travels With Soha: From Paris to Melbourne

Don’t call Soha Yamin a “travel Agent”. She prefers “trip designer” And for a good reason. Yamin has been crafting trips to the French Open since 99, when she embarked on her first journey with eight members of San Francisco Tennis Club. And she has been going back ever since. But these aren’t your ordinary pack-em-into-the-tourist-bus excursions. Yamin tailors each trip to the wants/needs of the group. For her it is all about the personal touch. “I don’t sell tickets; I sell a week of experiences.” explains Yamin of her boutique, anything – but-traditional travel Agency, San Francisco based Travels with Soha. “I bring the best of the city to people.”

You are not just dropped at the hotel and left to fend for yourself. Yamin, who speaks four languages, makes her clients feel at home in the City of Lights, guiding them on exclusive wine tasting, themed walking tours and sight seeing sejourns. “The trips are very exclusive.” she says. “I am very passionate and work with my clients to make sure everything is to their liking.”

In 2011, Travels with Soha will head Down Under to the Australian Open in Melbourne, a city, like Paris, that Yamin knows intimately. Accompanying the group, which will be a dozen travelers, will be former touring pro and collegiate coach Lan Bale, who will serve as resident court side expert. Also on tap are a wine tasting lunch, a private tour of National Gallery of Victoria and an architectural walking tour. Yamin handles the Airline booking, visas, hotels, etc.

Los Angeles Times

PARIS for the Petite, by Helen Bartlett (film producer and writer who lives in Venice, California)
Inspired by ‘Madeline’, a 2 1/2-year-old leads the way

“We wanted to do things in Paris that we would all enjoy as a family, so we ruled out the typical kid-oriented excursions like amusement parks, zoos and Disneyland Paris. A friend advised us to call Travels With Soha, a San Francisco-based travel agency run by Soha Yamin, who specializes in organizing itineraries for families in Paris. She put together a great list for us that would take many trips to Paris, and recommended a fine bilingual baby-sitter so that Tony and I could enjoy some time on our own.”

Inside Tennis Magazine

September 29, 2014
Parisian Ode: Time and Again, The Left Bank Was the Right Place by Bill Simons | Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Grand Slam tennis fans can choose from numerous travel providers. Some offer luxurious service and on-site dining. Others offer tennis play and instruction as part of their packages. Soha Yamin‘s longstanding Travels With Soha offers great seats, tennis clinics and insights into local culture. At the Australian Open, she will take customers to the wine country, or escort them on informative tours of Melbourne. Similarly, at the French Open, Soha whisks you off to the champagne country and leads extraordinary Parisian walking tours. This appreciation of the Left Bank was written after one such tour. ——— To view this article please visit:http://www.insidetennis.com/2014/06/parisian-ode-time-and-again-the-left-bank-was-the-right-place/

Long Island Tennis Magazine

Tennis Travel Destination guide, December 2013

Travels With Soha: Grand Slam Tennis Vacations

San Francisco-based Travels With Soha has been crafting trips to the French and Australian Open since 1999. But these trips are not your ordinary “pack-em-into-the-tourist bus” excursions. For Soha, it is all about the personal touch, so she tailors each trip to the wants/needs of the group. The trips are very exclusive and always include the best Center Court lower level tickets. Soha, who speaks four languages, makes her clients feel at home in Paris, London and Melbourne, guiding them on exclusive wine tastings, themed walking tours and sightseeing sojourns. In 2014, Travels With Soha will head Down Under first for the Australian Open in Melbourne (a city Soha knows intimately). Accompanying the small group will be former ATP Tour players Lan Bale and Andrew Kratzmann who will conduct exceptional tennis clinics at the prestigious Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Also, on tap are a wine-tasting lunch, a private tour of the National Gallery, walking tours, Sydney Opera performances, optional trip extensions to the Great Barrier Reef and New Zealand. As an Australian Open Official Agent, Soha offers front row Rod Laver and Hisense shaded corporate tennis tickets with accommodations and handles all airline booking, and visas. For more information, visit www.travelswithsoha.com or call 415-933-6612.

Tennis View Magazine

September 22, 2015
Travels with Soha Creating Unforgettable Grand Slam Vacations

TENNIS VIEW MAGAZINE July 2015, Wimbledon Issue

Most tennis fans dream of the opportunity to attend a Grand Slam, but Soha Yamin channeled her passion for tennis and travel into creating trips that go beyond just sitting in the stands. Soha started out by organizing trips for members of her local tennis club until demand grew to the point that in May 1998 she formally created the boutique tour company Travels with Soha. One of her first clients wasn’t even tennis related – at the time. A family friend wanted to take a trip to Paris for winter break and their daughter, Madison McKinley, is now the girlfriend of American pro player John Isner. Since then, Soha has dedicated the last 17 years to crafting customized tennis experiences for fans around the world. Soha specializes in customized small group trips to the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon that go far beyond the usual tennis tours. She prides herself on being able to adapt to her customers’ travel styles and budgets by using her network of relationships and personal experience in cities around the world. As an official tour operator for the Australian Open, Soha has access to the best seats. “Tennis is an intimate game,” she explains. “If you really want to see a good match, you need to sit close.” Travelers also have the opportunity to work on their games at the beautiful Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club with former pros such as Wayne Ferreira, Richard Fromberg, Lan Bale, and Andrew Kratzmann, who made it to the quarterfinals of Wimbledon with an 18-year-old Roger Federer in 2000. Former world no.1 doubles specialist Cara Black even hosted a Travels with Soha group at her house for a clinic last year. In addition to enjoying tennis, Soha’s groups go wine tasting, visit Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef, and choose from cultural and culinary activities customized to their particular interests. Many clients choose to extend their travels to New Zealand and throughout the South Pacific. A visit to the French Open will feature prime seats for the tennis action, but could also include a D-Day trip to Normandy, bicycling in Loire Valley, or wine tasting in the Champagne region. As a former Paris resident and fluent French speaker, Soha has a local’s knowledge of the area that allows her to “bring the best of each city;” not just in France, but all over Europe for trip extensions following Roland Garros. Travels with Soha offers more than the traditional travel agency because of Soha’s commitment to exclusive, catered trip planning and attention to detail. She accompanies her groups on their trips to attend to ensure that everything goes smoothly. “My philosophy is: I’m there if you want me, and I disappear if you want to be by yourself. I’m always available,” she says. Soha personally researches each location to find the best restaurants, hotels and activities to recommend to her clients, and she hires licensed local tour guides in each city. “I take people’s vacations very seriously,” she says. “It’s my responsibility to make sure you have a great time.” Longtime friend Beverley Hayes says that catering to clients is part of her personality: “Soha likes taking care of people and making them happy.” Soha speaks passionately about wanting to help tennis fans experience the Grand Slams the best way that they can afford: “I think tennis should be for everyone. It’s an elegant game, but I think everyone should have access.” To that end, she says that Travels with Soha can plan a trip for 20% less than other tour companies. She’s also an expert in helping people maximize their reward points. Visit twstennistours.com to learn more about booking the Grand Slam trip of a lifetime, and check out Soha’s blog (twstennistours.com/blog) for tips on choosing seats, buying tickets, and more. For a chance to win a French Open player’s towel and two $150 vouchers towards a trip with Travels by Soha, go to our Twitter or Facebook pages and enter by March 22. Two runners-up will get a Tennis View wall calendar featuring beautiful photos of top players.